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Avril Lavigne Wallpapers

Everyone hates her as much as everyone loves her. She's done something right to deserve this type of attention. Born in Napanee, Ontario in 1984 on Sept. 27th she moved to Manhattan at age 16 to begin work on her debut album. A high school dropout with a record deal she released "Complicated" at almost 18 years of age. :Her debut album, "Let Go" went platinum 6 times! Avril Lavigne's determination and independence shines through like a beacon and the fact that her first single "Complicated" was #1 on the Top 100 was enough to take this little skater girl more seriously! It doesn't end there, oh no, She has won many awards and had many nominations. Even her second album has already gone 2x platinum. She can most likely be blamed for the late rising force of female skateboarders and she's not too bad looking either!